A book really resonated with me recently: Dying to be Me, in which Anita Moorjani speaks of her near-death experience, having slipped into a coma when cancer treatment failed her.

Dying to be Me

She speaks of her renewed spirit after her NDE, and what I refer to as living with urgency, since life is precious and short, and there is much for us to accomplish.

As such, I always have a lot of projects and move quickly. Ms. Moorjani says she’s the same way, in her book, and that her energy carries others along.

Unfortunately in the circles I seem to travel in nowadays, many seem to find me strange. A freak. At best, “I wish I could be like you!” (Step one: set aside the TV…)

Looking for new circles to travel in. Looking for a new home. Anyone care to “adopt” me?



Not long ago, I saw photos some friends had put on Facebook from a recent trip to Disneyland. I’m usually not huge on Disney parks, but for whatever reason, I really wanted to go.


And then I realized… I didn’t want Disney, I wanted the freedom of childhood, and the fun of the annual Disney trips with my mom (where I was too young to worry about the costs, or even to really think about it!).

Randomly found this building in Malmo, Sweden. Don't you want to live here?

Randomly found this building in Malmo, Sweden. Don’t you want to live here?

So, who’s with me on trying to find a bit of child-like joy to incorporate into daily life? That’s what I think I’m seeking… being an adult is no fun sometimes, huh? Let’s do it!

There’s been a whole group of bloggers, over the last few years, who call themselves minimalist. In fact, there was a trend a few years back of people who were paring down their belongings to 100 items or less.

Which got me thinking: how can I live with less?

Now, I wasn’t about to pare down to 100 items. And what are we talking about–are we counting each individual pair of underwear? (There goes 10, right there.) And each individual sock?

OK, I’m being silly. But what I’m trying to say is that for me, the number is not the point. Rather than minimalist living, I’m trying to practice “just enough” living. I have just enough items that I need. Just enough food, just enough heat in my house during the winter. Maybe it means that I own 427 items… but I’m not going to count and brag that “I own less stuff than you”. Because that’s not the point, right? It’s not a competition.

new format?


Just over a week ago, I changed the formatting of the blog, to make it easier to read on mobile devices. It’s a little plain, I think, but I also believe that the purpose of a website (whether it be a blog or a news article) is first and foremost to communicate. Once that has happened, then you can think about being pretty or flourished.

I can already tell that readability is improved, but how does everyone like the layout? Does it actually look better? (Finding a new WordPress theme has been on my to-do list for a while, just not my highest priority.)

I’ll have to see what kinds of bells and whistles this particular theme has. Does anyone want links back to their blog (if you are semi-related to my theme)? I’m sure there’s a place.

Meanwhile… keep on living life and striving for more!

Those of us with autoimmune disease (or any inflammatory condition) are told that turmeric is good for us, right? I take turmeric in capsule form as well every day as a supplement, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to consume turmeric in our food now and then, as well!

I love middle Eastern flavors, and I also like cheap and easy recipes–so when I found this recipe on Food.com, I was excited on all counts!

Egyptian Red Lentil Soup

It’s thick and great for the cold, wet nights we’ve been having recently. It’s seasoned with cumin, cilantro, lemon, and–wait for it–turmeric, of course! The red lentils fall apart into a porridge-like texture, and it’s also full of garlic, potatoes, and onions. Good, hearty stuff!

If you care about such things, it’s also vegan if you make it with vegetable broth. (I suppose you could make it with chicken broth, but I don’t think the flavors would go.)

Give it a try! It goes together in about an hour. Full-fat plain yogurt makes a great topping, as well! Try it, and tell me what you think.

Something I’ve been wondering about for a while… and now, there’s indeed some evidence.

Some articles point to progesterone helping with MS symptoms both in the short and long-term. This is both interesting and frightening to me… as I believe my body has been flooded with estrogen in recent years, between my large ovarian tumor/cyst (since removed, benign) and symptoms I’ve felt.

I had a chat with my gyno about a month ago about it, and started taking evening primrose oil and progesterone cream (NOTE! talk with your doctor before starting hormonal supps!!). The odd symptoms–I had cervical mucus consistency as if I was constantly ovulating–went away, and my migraines significantly eased up.

But since ovulation correlates with a peak of estrogen, how long have I been peaking out in estrogen? That’s what’s scary… but I guess I can’t go back, and I’ve since corrected the problem.

Recently, I had a normal estrogen peak (based on my body’s signals) like a premenopausal woman would every month. I also had more tingling and a little numbness in my left calf, the side affected by my MS. That went on for two days, along with my estrogen-mediated migraines. I was *thisclose* to calling the MS clinic, thinking it might be a flare-up… but it went away. Were the symptoms aggravated by high estrogen in my body?

Oh, how I’d love to do endocrinology research on how hormone cycles affect MS! I’m sure I could lobby…

Just over a month ago, a dear friend from my grad school days (I was the one in school… she was moral support) was diagnosed with a rather nasty brain cancer. She is a fantastic writer, and I’d like to share June’s blog with you:

Living A Life In Full

Within a few days, she had a devastating crash from a few seizures, to sudden brain surgery, to her diagnosis. Back in the late ’90′s, we ran many miles together training for various marathons.

While undoubtedly MS is a long marathon, the cancer she is dealing with is an even more challenging race to run. June, I think of you every day, and you remind me to live life with urgency. Stay strong.


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