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reachin’ out


Yesterday was another big accomplishment for me as a nutrition instructor. You see, I’ve been teaching for quite some time, but I feel I want to extend my public health influence beyond the classroom. So when a National Science Foundation grant came about where science/math students could work with faculty mentors on a project to […]

have fun.


Just about an hour ago, I was working one (of many!) volunteer shifts at our local community theater, and I met a couple who was new to volunteering at the theater. They were a youthful, fit, probably mid-50’s. They talked about having totally revamped their diet recently. No sugar, no wheat, no dairy. Occasional meat […]

It’s that time! There are a few in the blog world, namely Chris Guillebeau, who conduct an annual review at the end of the year — what went well, what did not. Rather than a personal lashing with a wet noodle, I like to use this as a reflection, a recollection of things that actually […]

Well… hello! I hope to be here more frequently in the future. Haven’t I said that before? I’ve also become a volunteer theater producer on top of everything else. Besides MS, I’ve had lots of upper GI issues (that have put me in the hospital, that have puzzled my GI doc) and, rather than spending […]

I think? I’m becoming more and more open about having MS. In fact, when I gave my “opening speech” as MC at the fundraiser, I had little problem talking to the audience about my diagnosis, which made me nervous in the past (says the career public speaker). So, here I am, slowly starting to open […]

Yeah, I know. Life is tough, right? Waahhh. But I mention this as a warning, for those of us (you?) who ever travel long-term, say, three weeks or more. Looking back, we typically don’t travel more than three weeks, especially a trip in an area so different from home. This trip, in total, is 28 […]

First things first: this is a very rewarding region for travel, especially for those of us who are old enough to remember the breakup of Yugoslavia (both of us were in college at the time). We’ve had a lot of conversations with locals that I would not trade for anything. Before our time here–which started […]

How many of us have gotten nutritional advice for our MS, or other autoimmune diseases? Or… have you read advice somewhere? If you’ve seen anything, or even if you haven’t, you’ll know a lot of the advice is super-strict: stick to organic produce only, eat organic meats and fish, many will say gluten-free and dairy-free… […]

Not to insult those who are truly vegans out there, and actually stick to the regimen. But until recently, I’ve been heading that direction. Going between campus, my online job (butt plopped on couch with laptop), band rehearsal, working at the theater, working at the gym… I do try to stay healthy while I quickly […]



Orthorexia. OK, I teach nutrition. I lecture on eating disorders. And one of the unofficial disorders is orthorexia, which has a slightly different definition depending on who you talk to. Basically, those with orthorexia are fixated on what they feel is “eating right” or “healthy”. Some are preachy about it to others, and any slip-ups […]