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I made this for brunch last weekend and shared with my husband–my best friend. ❤ Based on ingredients in a sandwich I had in Paris. I thought it would be a great way to get more veggies in us! (And I took a pic, but once you read the ingredients, you'll see that it just […]

Just a few days ago–Friday–I came home from work, got something to eat (I was ravenous), and… thought, I ought to go to the gym and lift, but….. I can just do some Pilates at home, right? Hm. So what is it I want to keep on doing? Not only do I want to maintain […]

One of the strategies recommended to me by the naturopathic clinic was contrast hydrotherapy. If you’re as clueless as I was when they were talking about it, here’s a good short article explaining what contrast hydrotherapy is. Basically, when you shower, you alternate cycles of hot and cold for (my clinic suggested) three times, ending […]

Sounds like a cheesy self-help ad. But… hear me out on this one. Have you ever set some sort of goal for yourself, then been too afraid/fearful/tired to take the steps to actually get there? This is part of what MS has been doing to me. I used to teach bootcamp classes. I used to […]

So, here’s an article I recently came across: Treating MS With Diet: Fact or Fraud? It discusses the results of the infamous Dr. Swank diet. (If you’re unfamiliar with it, he found that a low-fat, vegetarian diet reduced the progression of MS in a group of his patients.) I’ve read about this again and again […]

The past few months, I’ve been in and out of my regular urgent care/walk-in clinic for pain issues, primarily migraines. I experience several days of migraines in a row… then they clear up for maybe a week… then it all starts again… before and after my December trip, I had a few that led me […]

i did it


I skipped a day of blogging… but that’s not the “it” I’m talking about. I held off a day so that I could tell you guys about this morning’s victory (or, hopeful). Which worked out! You may recall that I still keep my hand in teaching group fitness classes when I can. Today was a […]