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Everything happens for a reason. Or, so say many well-meaning folks. Everything? Really? The random plane crash due to metal fatigue. School shootings. Terrorist attacks. Is there a reason these happen? So, when someone tells me that I developed MS “for a reason”, I cringe. I don’t argue (we all gotta get along on this […]

One and a half years ago, I started taking Ocrevus (ocrelizumab) to control my MS, which had breakthrough activity on my previous drug, Plegridy. Keep in mind that these are drugs that slow disease progress; there is no cure or known cause for our disease. But even in my seven years of illness, we’ve come […]

A mouthful of a word, for sure. But for those of us with brain and spinal cord damage, it’s mighty important. Imagine that you need to drive from Seattle to Portland regularly for work. There is one major interstate that gets there. One day, a major storm (or, insert other disaster) destroys a bridge on […]

No, of course not. The husband and I are still very happily married, thankyouverymuch! Many of you who know me personally are aware of my obsession with traveling. Even when I was a child, I would look through travel agency brochures and dream of places like London and Paris (both of which I’ve been to… […]