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I just came across this article: Study Shows Adolescent Obesity and Genetic Factors Interact to Increase MS Risk You see, I was an obese child… like, nearly 100 pounds. I started putting on weight around age 8 (activity wasn’t encouraged in my life) and I just kept on going. I wrote about my childhood obesity, […]

If you have MS or another brain disorder, you probably know the drill with routine long MRIs (or, technically, a series of MRIs, between various parts of the nervous system and with/without contrast dye). Worse yet, when the cervical spine (neck) is being scanned, we’re told not to swallow, so that the image stays clear. […]

The end of last week marked the end of the quarter at the college where I teach, short of upcoming final exams. Considering what’s been going on in my body recently–and that my having caught it early(ish?) may have given me an advantage–I felt it was my duty to share my story with my health […]

which had nothing… well, nothing directly… to do with MS. In fact, I’ve been joking with some folks that this is my body’s way to remind me that MS is just nothing but background noise in my life. I’m always telling my health (and nutrition, and physiology… but it especially comes up in health) students […]

I’ve mentioned before that, despite the fact that I keep my MS symptoms almost entirely in check, I still don’t bring it up at work. Too much of a risk. They’ll think of all the media hype about disability, Annette Funicello, etc etc, and put me in that category, short-shrift me of the assignments that […]

(btw, sorry about some of the double-posts recently. I think wordpress has been hiccuping!!) While it’s been on the cooler side (still being pseudo-spring), we’ve had a few warmer days… I haven’t yet noticed any heat sensitivity in my body, but I imagine it’ll all come back, feeling a bit sluggish during my workouts. (Or… […]

Just a reminder that we often need to be the squeaky wheel and speak up for ourselves in the medical world. (This is true whether or not you have MS.) It has been over a week since I’ve injected Rebif. This is the longest I’ve gone without a disease-modifying drug since my diagnosis. Initially, I […]