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Just a little bit ago, through newsfeeds, I found this link: Living With Invisible Disabilities I think there are many of us in the world who have some sort of invisible disability… to some degree. MS is one, my chronic migraines bring another. Heck, you could also say that insomnia is an invisible disability, and […]

And get a heck of a lot more out of life! Depression is everywhere. I see so many gloomy faces. It always makes me wonder… what’s wrong with everyone? (Then again… people think I’m WEIRD for being all happy-faced much of the time! Seriously, it’s not drugs… I just always have something to look forward […]

I’ve been teaching a LOT of physiology this quarter… a LOT. 🙂 And, I try to find interesting videos to send out to my students, so they get an additional approach. One of my favorite series of videos comes from Crash Course, hosted primarily by the very dynamic Hank Green. He also does general biology […]

OK, I love being in my 40’s. I really do. Even though it’s just a number, I somehow feel empowered to speak my mind even more… (yes, even more than I did in the past…) But these hormonal issues are (insert curse word here)ed up. I recently visited a doctor who told me that my […]

If you follow some of the college sports media, or anything regrading fundraising, you may have heard of Lauren Hill. This young lady was diagnosed with a rare yet aggressive form of brain cancer, yet still continued to play basketball for her school throughout her treatment. In fact, it’s said that her love for the […]

is this it?


Some days, I can’t help but wonder. I lift, I work out… a lot. I’m always sore somewhere. Yet I feel stagnant, or losing strength. This beast MS is slowly taking it away… Granted, winter quarter took away some of my workout time. I’m able to get to the gym more, as of a few […]

Behind again… first week of classes (and teaching something new) along with husband’s birthday! Time moves so fast–I’m always thinking I have a few more posts saved for all of you, and then I check to see how far behind I am–ack! Once upon a time, when I was a New Teacher almost 15 years […]

MS has fallen into the background for me. I suppose that’s good! because that means my MS isn’t really symptomatic (not that I notice, anyway). But there’s been one other big, overarching issue… it all has to do with hormonal imbalances and estrogen dominance. I’ve experienced enough crazy symptoms over the past few days that […]

Or that’s what I like to think. Y’know, when I was back in college (graduated 20 years ago), it was the rare case that we found cheaters when I was a TA. Mayyyybe we didn’t catch them, maybe they were smarter at cheating… But this quarter, among the 45 students left standing in my two […]