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I am one of the many relapsing-remitting MS patients who injects beta-interferon 3x/week (trade name Rebif). It might sound terrible, but it’s really a fine-gauge needle that I barely feel. The first injection was the worst, not knowing what to expect. Now, it’s routine. Because of the side effects that differ for everyone in severity, […]

There are as many theories about how one can potentially improve their MS symptoms, or even reduce numbers of lesions, as there are residents of Manhattan… that said, MS is a very individualized disease. Even within the category of “relapsing-remitting”, some of us have frequent relapses, while others go years. Some have constant background symptoms, […]



Earlier today, I went poking around the net for blogs written by fellow MS patients. I haven’t looked too far yet, but between this morning’s blog search and last week’s looking through personal testimony on youtube, the overall theme has been “my life SUCKS since my MS diagnosis!” Not that unicorns have been jumping over […]



On October 8, 2012, I would say that my world changed. But really, I received confirmation of a fear that had sat in my back pocket for years, something that I hoped would never come to fruition. You see, back in 2005, I had a brain MRI done to take a peek at my chronic […]