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(Bring kale.) I am officially ditching Gilenya. (And changing to WHAT, you ask?? Argh.) So as you may remember, my white cell count has been all over the place — mostly dangerously low — from about the 6 month point of Gilenya on. (I’m almost at 15 months.) I hadn’t really gotten sick… then this […]

Just when I think I’m so in touch with my body… I had felt strong, with just the little bit of fatigue that I’d developed with MS (aside from the migraines and the nerve pain… but who knows the relation with that… I digress…) So when my most recent MRI showed new disease activity, I […]

Have you heard about the Mediterranean Diet? (I’m sure most of you have…) Maybe you have, but you only have a vague idea of what it is. It’s not really a “diet regimen” per se, but more a way of eating. Take a look at this food pyramid: From this, you can get a good […]