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goals for 2016


I’ve been pondering this post a lot, so much so that I’m only just writing it now. Many of us have lofty ideas of who we want to be and what we want to do… or at least hopefully we do… (No goals in life? Give it some thought…) I have a lot of things […]

It’s that time! There are a few in the blog world, namely Chris Guillebeau, who conduct an annual review at the end of the year — what went well, what did not. Rather than a personal lashing with a wet noodle, I like to use this as a reflection, a recollection of things that actually […]

Well… hello! I hope to be here more frequently in the future. Haven’t I said that before? I’ve also become a volunteer theater producer on top of everything else. Besides MS, I’ve had lots of upper GI issues (that have put me in the hospital, that have puzzled my GI doc) and, rather than spending […]