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One and a half years ago, I started taking Ocrevus (ocrelizumab) to control my MS, which had breakthrough activity on my previous drug, Plegridy. Keep in mind that these are drugs that slow disease progress; there is no cure or known cause for our disease. But even in my seven years of illness, we’ve come […]

I used to think I had very little fear. Jumping from heights, OK. That’s a healthy fear I’ve always had. Eating organ meats… maybe a slightly irrational fear. But with what’s been going on recently… I’ve become a lot more fearful of the every day. Fearful of even getting in a car and driving down […]

Recently, my migraine situation has gotten out of control. My usual meds (Maxalt) don’t always relieve the headache. I get clusters of several severe ones like I haven’t for years. I’m thrilled if I ever go a full week without a migraine (then, I’ll have four days in a row–proof that they involve hormonal swings, […]

Ugh, too much work to post! I’m still alive. At the gym this morning, step class took a LOT out of me. I stayed for the full hour, but it was a struggle. Energy has been lacking. Lots of fatigue recently, some general achiness… I’ve had this achiness a lot over the past week. (Partially […]

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So many things I want to talk about, yet I’ve been blessed with extra work for winter quarter at two different colleges–one of which begged me not to leave–so how could I say no? I’m teaching more hours than I told myself I would, under my circumstances, but it’s what I do. The group I […]

Once I got my diagnosis–and pretty much everyone with MS agrees–I’ve thought about so many symptoms over the past few years that I attributed to something else… but I realize, now, that it was probably MS. I had a few hip surgeries to fix an orthopedic issue between 2010-2011. It took a long time to […]



Earlier today, I went poking around the net for blogs written by fellow MS patients. I haven’t looked too far yet, but between this morning’s blog search and last week’s looking through personal testimony on youtube, the overall theme has been “my life SUCKS since my MS diagnosis!” Not that unicorns have been jumping over […]



On October 8, 2012, I would say that my world changed. But really, I received confirmation of a fear that had sat in my back pocket for years, something that I hoped would never come to fruition. You see, back in 2005, I had a brain MRI done to take a peek at my chronic […]