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I write this post from the hospital, recovering from an emergency surgery to deal with complications from this. While I understand that many of their patients don’t come in with my background (teaching physiology and general interest in holistic health), I feel like many of my concerns have not been addressed. Which makes me worry, […]

Happy New Year! A lot of us are spending the day thinking about what we’re going to do better in the coming year… for some of us, these resolutions will last more than the first few weeks; for many of us, these resolutions will last a few days… and there are also a few of […]

A few days ago, I visited a new headache specialist. I think I’ve mentioned previously that I struggle with migraines, as well as non-migraine headaches. Pain is so elusive, and there are so many variables contributing to pain, that I’ve gotten several opinions on my pain. In addition, those with MS tend to have increased […]

We’ve all fantasized about our ideal place to live at some point, right? Maybe not, for someone with MS: many of us risk flare-ups with heat, or at least worsening of symptoms. (I’ll admit that I didn’t really notice this until our recent east coast trip, where the heat index was pretty extreme. And even […]

Late Tuesday night, we returned to Seattle from two weeks on the East Coast… high-school-reunioning, visiting friends, road-tripping to New England… pretty much non-stop. … just to give you a small sampling of what we did. The weather was all over the place, as well, from sunny to humid to thunderstormy… enough to send my […]

the fall guy


Happy Fourth to all Americans! As we watch Egypt struggle to find democracy, let’s celebrate what we’re enjoyed for our entire lifetimes here at home. Today, I woke up early back on the west coast, since we’ve had warmer temps, to get in a run. (Ends up it’s overcast, giving me plenty of time to […]

I guess the party is over… I’d always heard about the “flu-like reactions” to Rebif, which is why they suggest injecting it at night so that you can sleep through the side effects. Even the tougher folks I’d talked with, when I started on Rebif last November, told me that when the doctors recommended taking […]



A few days ago, I had my first experience of “overdoing it” with, I’ll guess, my MS and my body. We took a train from my mother-in-law’s house to Manhattan and saw some sights that we hadn’t seen before, and ran around the city visiting friends here, there, and everywhere. The schedule was packed, and […]

on the road


If you’re someone who has recently been prescribed injectable medication, have you worried about how this may affect travel plans? I have an upcoming trip (husband’s 25th high school reunion) and, luckily, I’m a seasoned veteran with my syringes. I even traveled to Central America in December without even a questioning look if I was […]

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I don’t know if what I’ve dealt with the past few days is a side effect of a medication, an effect of stress (beginning of the quarter) manifesting itself in disease symptoms, or… just having been dehydrated at the end of my trip. The first day of classes (Wednesday), I found myself so dehydrated and […]