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I’m not usually one to jump on nutritional bandwagons. And I’ve been hearing about “gluten free” this, that, the other for what seems like eons now. I have a friend with bona fide celiac disease (gluten allergy) who must eat gluten free, or suffer the consequences, but all the others who eat gluten free? Is […]

With the link between autoimmune disease and gluten, I’ve been living an almost entirely gluten-free existence since my diagnosis. (Which I thought was going to be impossible. Not that it’s easy, but when you eat a mostly whole foods diet, it’s not so bad.) One of the issues being grain intake. The rotation of brown […]

You’d think that as a professor of nutrition, I’d be totally on board with the 6 servings per day of whole grains, 2.5 c of fruit, 3 c vegetables… etc etc that the USDA recommends that we get. I spend a lot of time reading nutrition and physiology news (I teach my passion) and, while […]



In December, I was put on yet another new medication to try and control my (waaaayyy out of control) headaches. I’ve been getting migraines for years, likely unrelated to my MS. I even remember getting migraines back in junior high, but my doctors then said they were sinus related. (Common misdiagnosis. Took until I was […]



The past few days have started a new experiment for me. Based on what I research, my body is my laboratory. Within reason, of course. I have read anecdotal evidence of others eliminating gluten from their diets and rebuilding myelin. (Some of these people have also eliminated dairy, caffeine, sugar, and… what else is there […]