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Recently, it’s become clear to me that a few of my medical issues might be related to high cortisol levels. If you aren’t familiar: cortisol is a hormone released by our adrenal glands under times of stress. It causes inflammation in the body (that nasty “chronic inflammation” that the media is all over these days) […]

A few days ago, I started writing up my annual review, in the style of a few other bloggers. My first post only addressed travel, which is a high priority in my life. (I’ll admit it also gave me a few days to procrastinate on the other points…) So, what went well this year? Surviving […]

I do, for sure! (Happy May, by the way! We’re making it to longer, sunnier days!) Friendship is key in the reduction of stress, which is important in all aspects of health–keeping us from getting sick, reducing levels of cortisol (that pesky stress hormone that seems to be tied in to everything horrible for health […]

Now that we’re all done with taxes (we are…. aren’t we?) hopefully we all can afford to take a load off. (Or… catch up on what we left behind?) Anyway, perhaps you’ve heard, by now, the link between stress and health. Hopefully you know about this! More stress = worse health, in general. When our […]

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As a physiology junkie, I frequently scour the blogosphere and the news for MS articles… some to learn new things, sometimes to debunk my friends’ and family’s myths. Here’s my opportunity to pass some of what I’ve found along to you. Top 10 Myths About MS If you’ve lived with MS for a while, this […]