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Recently, I’ve talked about detox teas and other kinds of naturopathic remedies I’m trying, mostly for my chronic pain. And, it’s easy to fall prey to the idea that you can drink a magic concoction, and all your problems will be solved…… Yet, there’s also a category of foods that appears to help our liver […]

These days, I have so many rituals that I tend to, primarily for health maintenance, that it’s a wonder that I have any day left at the end of my day. Let’s see, here’s what I actually do accomplish… Daily exercise, natch. I’d been focusing more on strength training to counteract the effects of MS, […]

Why?? you ask. Last I saw my MS specialist, as well as my regular primary care, for my headaches (which were pretty darn out of control), they both suggested I see a locally-renowned headache specialist at University of Washington. She’s supposedly hard to get into, but has insight like no other, I’m told. (Wonder if […]

A few days ago, I had a one-month follow-up with my naturopathic team. They were very pleased with my decrease in symptoms, but I attributed that to my staying the course. They seemed amazed at my dedication to the exercise, my (meager) dietary changes, etc–but as I told them, if I find minor tweaks that […]

Happy February! 🙂 I’m still awaiting my official follow-up appointment this coming Monday. But (knock on wood) I’ve had significantly fewer headaches and pain in general since following their regimen (“detox tea”, contrast showers, and eating more cruciferous vegetables to flush excess estrogen from my system). In fact, friends who’ve known me almost a decade […]

One of the strategies recommended to me by the naturopathic clinic was contrast hydrotherapy. If you’re as clueless as I was when they were talking about it, here’s a good short article explaining what contrast hydrotherapy is. Basically, when you shower, you alternate cycles of hot and cold for (my clinic suggested) three times, ending […]

The past few months, I’ve been in and out of my regular urgent care/walk-in clinic for pain issues, primarily migraines. I experience several days of migraines in a row… then they clear up for maybe a week… then it all starts again… before and after my December trip, I had a few that led me […]