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Happy Thanksgiving weekend to my fellow Americans! I have only had one significant relapse as an MS patient–the one in 2012 that diagnosed me (though I believe a series of events in 2008 may have been a flare-up as well, in addition to some minor events over the years). My MRIs have remained stable, since. […]

on bravery


Throughout my MS journey, and my more recent abdominal tumor/surgery journey, I’ve had a handful of people tell me how brave I am. While I appreciate that others recognize that I maintain a positive attitude under tough circumstances… “brave” isn’t the word that comes to mind, even though I see it frequently applied to those […]



A book really resonated with me recently: Dying to be Me, in which Anita Moorjani speaks of her near-death experience, having slipped into a coma when cancer treatment failed her. Dying to be Me She speaks of her renewed spirit after her NDE, and what I refer to as living with urgency, since life is […]



Not long ago, I saw photos some friends had put on Facebook from a recent trip to Disneyland. I’m usually not huge on Disney parks, but for whatever reason, I really wanted to go. ???? And then I realized… I didn’t want Disney, I wanted the freedom of childhood, and the fun of the annual […]

There’s been a whole group of bloggers, over the last few years, who call themselves minimalist. In fact, there was a trend a few years back of people who were paring down their belongings to 100 items or less. Which got me thinking: how can I live with less? Now, I wasn’t about to pare […]

new format?


Just over a week ago, I changed the formatting of the blog, to make it easier to read on mobile devices. It’s a little plain, I think, but I also believe that the purpose of a website (whether it be a blog or a news article) is first and foremost to communicate. Once that has […]

Those of us with autoimmune disease (or any inflammatory condition) are told that turmeric is good for us, right? I take turmeric in capsule form as well every day as a supplement, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to consume turmeric in our food now and then, as well! I love middle Eastern flavors, and […]