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I wrote about this before, how having chronic illness makes me want to do things NOW and not postpone anything in life… I had yet another realization just a few days ago: as I’m surrounded by people (anyone, really) transitioning to bigger and better jobs, and I work for a university that helps non-traditional students […]

Happy New Year! A lot of us are spending the day thinking about what we’re going to do better in the coming year… for some of us, these resolutions will last more than the first few weeks; for many of us, these resolutions will last a few days… and there are also a few of […]

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Happy Fourth to all Americans! As we watch Egypt struggle to find democracy, let’s celebrate what we’re enjoyed for our entire lifetimes here at home. Today, I woke up early back on the west coast, since we’ve had warmer temps, to get in a run. (Ends up it’s overcast, giving me plenty of time to […]

For weeks, I’ve been complaining about the “hidden” MS symptom of fatigue. I’ve felt run-down and tired, so that seemed to be the best label for what was going on. Yesterday, I decided to remove that label from my vocabulary, at least for now. I was chatting with one of my occupational therapists (who I […]



Today is the first rainy day we’ve had in a while in the Seattle area. Yes, despite reputation, we do have sun now and then, and sometimes go for week-long stretches of sunny days. Just now, we were lucky enough to be in that position, which ended today. During these times, whenever forecasters predict the […]

You’d think that as a professor of nutrition, I’d be totally on board with the 6 servings per day of whole grains, 2.5 c of fruit, 3 c vegetables… etc etc that the USDA recommends that we get. I spend a lot of time reading nutrition and physiology news (I teach my passion) and, while […]

So, yeah… it’s been over a month since I’ve posted here. Not for lack of things to say, but teaching two new classes plus having to keep a close watch on repeat offender cheaters toward the end of winter quarter took up every last second of my time. Luckily, this go-round, I’m teaching two courses […]

Ugh, too much work to post! I’m still alive. At the gym this morning, step class took a LOT out of me. I stayed for the full hour, but it was a struggle. Energy has been lacking. Lots of fatigue recently, some general achiness… I’ve had this achiness a lot over the past week. (Partially […]

While I was never one of those types who could get by on 4 hours of sleep a night (well… maybe in high school), I’ve generally been fine on long stretches of 6 hours a night… until recently. A major symptom of MS is “debilitating fatigue”, whatever that means. What a vague word. Does it […]