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I am finishing up a 12-day trip to Costa Rica, my first after my official diagnosis and the barrage of new medications and supplements. I was worried about taking syringes through customs, as well as how my body would react to the stresses of travel and not being able to control my diet. Luckily, things […]

Murphy wrote the rulebook of my life. Most recently, I say this because the relapse that sent me to the doctor–and, in the end, got me diagnosed–started two days after booking a trip to Costa Rica. We leave tomorrow night. Of course, I’m thrilled to go someplace new and to get out of town (35 […]

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So many things I want to talk about, yet I’ve been blessed with extra work for winter quarter at two different colleges–one of which begged me not to leave–so how could I say no? I’m teaching more hours than I told myself I would, under my circumstances, but it’s what I do. The group I […]

While I was never one of those types who could get by on 4 hours of sleep a night (well… maybe in high school), I’ve generally been fine on long stretches of 6 hours a night… until recently. A major symptom of MS is “debilitating fatigue”, whatever that means. What a vague word. Does it […]

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Disappeared for a few days, and I’m just popping in briefly to say hi. It’s the last week of the quarter, I’m teaching the immune system (which I haven’t taught in a few years, and it’s so utterly complex), and I’m rounding up odds’n’ends. For a while, I was… wouldn’t say pleased, but almost relieved […]

Once I got my diagnosis–and pretty much everyone with MS agrees–I’ve thought about so many symptoms over the past few years that I attributed to something else… but I realize, now, that it was probably MS. I had a few hip surgeries to fix an orthopedic issue between 2010-2011. It took a long time to […]