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A few days ago, I had my first experience of “overdoing it” with, I’ll guess, my MS and my body. We took a train from my mother-in-law’s house to Manhattan and saw some sights that we hadn’t seen before, and ran around the city visiting friends here, there, and everywhere. The schedule was packed, and […]

in hiding


At early stages, especially with relapsing-remitting MS, most symptoms are referred to as “hidden symptoms”–these are the symptoms that we feel, but the general public can’t see. I’m talking about things like difficulty concentrating, insomnia, fatigue, dizziness, chronic pain… I have definitely experienced most of the above, in addition to some weakness that shows every […]

I certainly hope not. I repeatedly hear and read that MS patients experience worse symptoms in the heat–it’s said that an increase in core temperature spikes our problems. Despite the severity of my CNS damage, I’ve felt increased symptoms… once? maybe twice? in the heat… and it wasn’t truly in the heat. It was in […]

I’m probably not the only one with rrMS who lives in denial a large amount of the time. Really, my symptoms are largely in remission, and as long as I keep on injecting my Rebif, eating my veggies, getting enough sleep, working out like a maniac, living a stress-free life……. all of the above, I […]

side effects


I don’t know if what I’ve dealt with the past few days is a side effect of a medication, an effect of stress (beginning of the quarter) manifesting itself in disease symptoms, or… just having been dehydrated at the end of my trip. The first day of classes (Wednesday), I found myself so dehydrated and […]

OK, 2012, you win this round. Just when I thought I made it through the last week safely, yet another KO. With less than 24 hours left in the year, I got a call from my MS specialist’s office–the nurse reporting back some recent and older blood work. The good news is that I’m negative […]

I am finishing up a 12-day trip to Costa Rica, my first after my official diagnosis and the barrage of new medications and supplements. I was worried about taking syringes through customs, as well as how my body would react to the stresses of travel and not being able to control my diet. Luckily, things […]

Once I got my diagnosis–and pretty much everyone with MS agrees–I’ve thought about so many symptoms over the past few years that I attributed to something else… but I realize, now, that it was probably MS. I had a few hip surgeries to fix an orthopedic issue between 2010-2011. It took a long time to […]