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Is something I embrace. I look forward to being sore the day after a workout. In fact… as an MS person… I’m nervous when I’m not. You see, DOMS occurs because when we work out (or even just move your body in ways it’s not used to), our muscles develop really miniscule tears. It’s in […]

What is the American dream? What is your dream? Career? Lifestyle? Think about it… What do you really want out of life? I’m being a bit abstract… but watch this space. 🙂

Not to insult those who are truly vegans out there, and actually stick to the regimen. But until recently, I’ve been heading that direction. Going between campus, my online job (butt plopped on couch with laptop), band rehearsal, working at the theater, working at the gym… I do try to stay healthy while I quickly […]

Maybe even… stop the presses! (the virtual presses?) Today is Father’s Day. (We kinda knew that, right?) Anyway, giving a shout-out to my dad. He writes a lot of comments on here–really supportive ones–so I thought I’d give him his own post. 🙂 Happy Father’s Day to Steve Yool! (and happy father’s day to the […]

Spring quarter has ended at my college! WOOHOO! And I don’t teach there in the summer… that means I get a break from that job! I remember when I was in college, I thought that the teachers has the cushy, easy job. And some of them do, no doubt, if they teach the same way […]



Orthorexia. OK, I teach nutrition. I lecture on eating disorders. And one of the unofficial disorders is orthorexia, which has a slightly different definition depending on who you talk to. Basically, those with orthorexia are fixated on what they feel is “eating right” or “healthy”. Some are preachy about it to others, and any slip-ups […]

Just a few days ago, I was giving one of my anatomy lectures about the brain. Now and then, I’ll be in the middle of lecture prep, and even when I’m in the middle of a topic I’ve read about a dozen times, a “new discovery” about myself hits me. And, recently, it did. You […]