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I’m back teaching nutrition again this quarter (as if you couldn’t tell… from all of my nutrition-related ramblings) and, once again, I told my new group about why it truly is important at the molecular level to consume our nutrients. Well, as a child growing, we know it’s important, because you’re building structures of your […]

new job!


I’ve always been one to work a collection of part-time jobs, and this is no exception. I’m still teaching at the college, and still doing rehab Pilates, but an opportunity came across that seemed appropriate for where I want to be, long-term. I love teaching face-to-face, in-person classes where I can interact with students. I’m […]

Got tinnitus? Or even know anything about it? I definitely have a bit of it. It’s a nagging ear-ringing (high-pitched) sound. It’s most commonly associated with too much exposure to loud noise (and, since I play in a band, sometimes I end up sitting too close to the drums). But I was just wondering: could […]

Now that we’re all done with taxes (we are…. aren’t we?) hopefully we all can afford to take a load off. (Or… catch up on what we left behind?) Anyway, perhaps you’ve heard, by now, the link between stress and health. Hopefully you know about this! More stress = worse health, in general. When our […]

Recently, talking with this quarter’s nutrition students as well as with my mom, I realized how little is known about a sneaky, sneaky fact. Those labels on some foods that say “Zero Grams Trans Fat!”? They aren’t always telling the truth. (Now, the government issued a statement toward the end of last year that trans […]

My 40th birthday is now less than 4 months away. I set the intention, at my last birthday, to make some big changes. Many of them have come about without my having preplanned them much–for instance, the inspirational speech I gave at the end of last quarter regarding my health scare, how we should all […]

A few days ago, I saw my MS specialist for an update after my recent MRIs (there was some concern that I may have had a minor relapse without knowing it). But–ends up that my MRI hasn’t changed a bit. I haven’t had any new MS activity! (I guess my bad days are just that–bad […]