two online ms resources that i love


I thought I’d share with the community (of fellow MSers and caregivers) two resources that are accessible simply with an internet connection!

First: one of the best, most honest, well-rounded Youtube channels about MS — Aaron Boster MD. Dr. Boster is an MS specialist in Columbus, Ohio, who started videos a few years back to supplement his visits with his own patients, when he realized that a 30-minute meeting a few times a year wasn’t long enough to answer questions. His channel covers topics ranging from medication side-effects, to coping with brain fog and other symptoms… I could go on. He also does regular livestreams. Please check it out!

Second: one of the most inspiring, uplifting resources out there. The MS Gym is not only a Youtube channel, but also has a Facebook page, an Instagram feed, PDFs… Trevor, the therapist who founded the online gym, has set up routines of mobilizations, stretches, and exercises which allow MS patients of differing ability (whether high-functioning like me, or wheelchair-bound) to slowly regain what they’ve lost. Most of what Trevor has set up is free! and relies on neuroplasticity training… if one nerve pathway is damaged, let’s try to train another one(s) to take over the same/similar function, so that some/all of the movement is regained.

There you have it — two resources that I love, which you can access NOW! Check them out!

One Response to “two online ms resources that i love”

  1. I love the M S Gym and wish it had been around when I started my journey. I thought there was another way.

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