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I’m afraid to say that I’m dealing with another set of medical issues. Not clear exactly what’s going on, so I won’t say yet. (It’s one of those times, again, where I think… “can’t I just have MS? That’s enough, thankyouverymuch.”) But as we tackle difficult issues, especially ones out of our control, our minds […]

boxing time


Time to put on the gloves, right? Not quite… Actually, there are quite a few web sites that describe “time boxing” strategies to help with time management, such as this one. Meaning, if you struggle with multiple tasks, set aside a certain block, or “box”, of time to check your email, and that’s it for […]

There is a certain social media platform these days where, just by the click of a button, you can show your favor just by saying “like”. The universal thumbs-up. Just a few weeks ago, when we traveled internationally, it occurred to me just how universal the thumbs-up has become, thanks to Facebook (whereas, in some […]

Today marks an important anniversary in my life… an anniversary of survival. A year ago today, I had a second surgery to deal with all of my abdominal surgery complications. The second surgery was, by far, the most worrisome. My husband says that the staff were worried about me… I don’t know how much he […]

To the readers of In Search of My New Normal–new and seasoned… Merry Christmas. Best wishes to all of you in the coming year! May all of your wildest dreams come true! And… don’t forget to shoot high. 🙂 We can all do it!

I am in the middle of a long string of several days of teaching fitness classes… mostly an interval-based indoor cycling format. I used to do things like this all the time… multiple classes a day… and it wasn’t so much MS that took me down, but other illnesses (abdominal tumors, surgeries to deal with […]

These days, I try to leave my students with an inspirational last 10-15 minutes (or so) lecture. Often has to do with a personal story. This time, I didn’t have any personal struggle or tragedy to talk about–which I suppose is good–but the inspiration was more of a challenge. I came up with something in […]

on bravery


Throughout my MS journey, and my more recent abdominal tumor/surgery journey, I’ve had a handful of people tell me how brave I am. While I appreciate that others recognize that I maintain a positive attitude under tough circumstances… “brave” isn’t the word that comes to mind, even though I see it frequently applied to those […]

Not long ago (a little over a week ago, heading into the final days of fundraiser prep plus dealing with a problem student) I was noticing more of my usual MS tremor. I don’t get it very often, but it was pronounced enough that I hid behind the lectern while teaching that day. I only […]

I read a great quote–can’t remember the details, I’m paraphrasing… but it really applies to MS, or any sort of chronic illness situation: Just because someone gives you a cactus doesn’t mean you have to sit on it. No, in fact… I toss the cactus aside as much as I can! (Though I try not […]