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Happy Canada Day to my northern neighbors… only a mere 130 miles to my north, currently! So, after all of my more recent abdominal surgery medical crises I almost think the point of it all is so that I “forget” I have MS. And, really, when you have immediate pain that is a symptom of […]

the fire


I was listening to a business podcast earlier today, in which an entrepreneur was interviewed. One of the recurring themes was that getting her business off the ground wasn’t easy; whenever she encountered a roadblock, she creatively came up with a work-around, even if it took extra effort for the outcome. The host reminded the […]

Attitude is everything. At my MS fundraiser, during one of our brief band breaks, I was approached by two women who told me they’d been diagnosed with MS over a decade ago. Their attitudes were poles apart. They both appeared to be middle-aged, 50-something. One of them, you’d never know she had a chronic disease. […]

stop the world


It’s Tuesday, eh… how many times this week, already, have you said that you can’t wait ’til Friday? (I’ve been guilty of that so many times, too!) Since I’ve learned that my active days may be numbered… I’ve changed my tune. I make every effort to, even if just for a moment, enjoy the now. […]

Our bodies are fantastic teachers. And I’m gaining more and more awareness of this the more time I spend with multiple sclerosis. I can tell you more about MS than many practitioners in the field… For instance, it occurred to me during a recent weight training session that I probably have an unmapped lesion, in […]

This title is something that I came up with in the wee hours of the morning, before heading out to catch my bus to work a few days ago–I posted it on my Facebook feed. It’s how I live my life, as someone with MS. It’s how I try to push myself every day, physically […]

After all, you only have one life to be authentically YOU. Whatcha waiting for? I was thinking about this recently while playing a show with my band. In the days prior, I’d been making decisions to step out and be myself a little more frequently (within reason…). Now and then, as the piano player in […]