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Orthorexia: a proposed eating disorder involving an obsessive preoccupation with eating healthy food. (Wikipedia) In my 30’s — especially after my MS diagnosis (which was barely my 30’s, but whatever) — I made a concerted effort to “eat more healthfully”. To eat more of those plant-like things that I despised as a child, and still […]

MS meds and their side effects. Ahem. I’m sorry, I meant to say, “disease modifying therapy”, as it’s not really changing my disease — just maybe changing the course. Changing the amount of damage my MS does to me. We think. So, MS being an autoimmune disease and everything, the meds do strange things to […]

How many of us have gotten nutritional advice for our MS, or other autoimmune diseases? Or… have you read advice somewhere? If you’ve seen anything, or even if you haven’t, you’ll know a lot of the advice is super-strict: stick to organic produce only, eat organic meats and fish, many will say gluten-free and dairy-free… […]

With the Disneyland measles cases, anti-vaxxers have been in the news a lot. For instance, this article about the measles outbreak talks about several families, some of whom made the decision to vaccinate after the recent scare, and some of whom decided to stick to their guns. The stubborn ones repeatedly argue that their child’s […]

This is the first of my (many) upcoming posts to educate people about what MS is, and what it means to have MS. I’ve seen many other blogger’s posts about “this is what it feels like to have MS” and, honestly, many of them are very negative. I’m lucky in that I have a lot […]

I’m not usually one to jump on nutritional bandwagons. And I’ve been hearing about “gluten free” this, that, the other for what seems like eons now. I have a friend with bona fide celiac disease (gluten allergy) who must eat gluten free, or suffer the consequences, but all the others who eat gluten free? Is […]