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If you’ve been through medical challenges, you’ll know one of the benefits: you learn what’s important to you in life. Because, of course, you realize that you no longer want to waste precious moments on meaningless fluff. Especially over the past seven years, I’ve learned that the things that I want out of life don’t […]

Soooo often… I talk to people who are overwhelmed… can’t take care of their health, their exercise, their sleep, whathaveyou… but they tell me that “hopefully things will calm down in the next few months”. Will they? What are you actively doing so that things WILL calm down? Because really… snowballs are snowballs. Entropy happens. […]

(This one applies whether or not you have MS. Read on!) So many people are trying to “find their passion”. If only they could “find their passion”, life would be all rainbows and unicorns, cats and dogs would get married, we’d never hear another Miley Cyrus song… (OK, maybe I’m pushing things) But that’s the […]