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I’m sure that, by now, you’ve heard about probiotics. They’re everywhere! (Almost literally, in fact…) They’re found in pills, in fortified food and drink… sometimes they’re naturally there (looking at you, yogurt and sauerkraut). These little bugs help to fortify the bacteria which live in our gut — otherwise known as our large intestine. As […]

So, you may have heard people with chronic illness refer to the “spoon theory” when it comes to the amount of energy in any given day. (Everyone has “spoons” as their energy currency to spend in a day, but someone with MS, or a chronic illness, doesn’t have as many spoons, so has to decide […]

Orthorexia: a proposed eating disorder involving an obsessive preoccupation with eating healthy food. (Wikipedia) In my 30’s — especially after my MS diagnosis (which was barely my 30’s, but whatever) — I made a concerted effort to “eat more healthfully”. To eat more of those plant-like things that I despised as a child, and still […]

I am… maybe? Definitely! (Sorry, biology nerd.) So, I haven’t posted here in a few years. However, my disease has changed, in a big way. MS used to be just a label — something I’d occasionally think about, mostly when filling out paperwork when visiting a new doctor. At that time, I barely had any […]