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How to stay in shape while on the road? Especially with distractions: sightseeing, food, food, food… Well, expect to maintain rather than make improvements, if you were working toward weight loss or muscle gain. Because travel is about having fun and seeing the sights–and meeting new people, and experiencing new places–rather than staying holed up […]

(First: congratulations to my local Seahawks!!) Once upon a time, I ran a handful of marathons (and a few half-marathons). That was then… 10-15 years ago. Not that I really have the intent to run that far anymore, but it would be nice to at least run. It’s a convenient form of exercise for when […]

Yes, it can be done! A Danish woman has proven it. This woman spent the past year running a marathon a day and was diagnosed three years ago. Proof that not everyone with MS is relegated to a life of “poor me”s and inactivity! As someone who’s lived in Denmark, I can vouch for the […]

Oh, leaving work today, I knew how lethargic yesterday’s workouts were… to the point of my being whiny-pants in my usual Tuesday strength and core class. (I hope they let me back in.) So I was thinking of bagging the usual shorter Wednesday run, especially since I teach evening spin, and always lift weights beforehand […]

bragging rights


Sometimes, the right to brag can be a powerful motivator. That’s how today worked out for me. Once upon a time, endurance running and marathons were a big part of my life. I let it slide when I stopped participating in organized races (mostly due to cost, partially when I started teaching group fitness). Once […]

I certainly hope not. I repeatedly hear and read that MS patients experience worse symptoms in the heat–it’s said that an increase in core temperature spikes our problems. Despite the severity of my CNS damage, I’ve felt increased symptoms… once? maybe twice? in the heat… and it wasn’t truly in the heat. It was in […]

best exercise?


Finally back here–I spend a crazy amount of time trying to stay ahead of work, so that I can spare a few moments as I need them (like earlier today) when my body just crashes (yeah, Body, I’m talkin’ about in the shower today when I felt like I could no longer stand up from […]

I remember back when I started running. Oh, I ran a whole lot. But I didn’t tell that many people about it. It was 1997. I was about to start my third year of grad school and gave longer-distance running a try, as an escape from academia. But, I was still plump, by a good […]