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This is an awful trend I’ve been noticing in my life… I’ve been developing fears. Some justifiable, others not. And they’ve been piling up enough that I wonder what’s going to happen next. Especially since all of my life threatening medical concerns of last year, I’ve had the “live life with no fear” mantra, but […]

Not the dance we want to do… With MS, we constantly fight the battle of losing strength, right? I spend so much time lifting weights, or doing bodyweight exercise, or doing Pilates, to try to at least break even, and even that doesn’t feel like enough much of the time. Especially when my body doesn’t […]

Sorry for the lack of posts… I’ve had WordPress issues on both of the browsers I use (Firefox and Safari), and between both of my jobs, the new business, and taking care of my health, there’s little time to keep checking back to see what works when! Anyway. About a month ago, when I had […]

I’m always talking about finding your life’s passion, grabbing it by the horns, and totally milking it. I do that as often as possible, because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Someone very close to me — probably the closest person to me — recently did that. I’m talking about my best friend, my husband. You see since […]

I think? I’m becoming more and more open about having MS. In fact, when I gave my “opening speech” as MC at the fundraiser, I had little problem talking to the audience about my diagnosis, which made me nervous in the past (says the career public speaker). So, here I am, slowly starting to open […]