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I’m afraid to say that I’m dealing with another set of medical issues. Not clear exactly what’s going on, so I won’t say yet. (It’s one of those times, again, where I think… “can’t I just have MS? That’s enough, thankyouverymuch.”) But as we tackle difficult issues, especially ones out of our control, our minds […]

I met a new friend not too long ago. And she’s already moving away. (She was here for work, short-term.) A mutual friend hooked us up, as she’s also an active person with MS. We got to chatting recently–she’s a few years younger than I am, and was diagnosed at a much earlier age than […]

I try not to be negative about my MS, whether here or in real life. But sometimes, I think it misleads people to believe that everything is all unicorns and rainbows. Which it isn’t, right? I have been tired. I have lost strength, and I’ve had moments of blurred vision–not to mention paranoia about losing […]

Hey y’all, check this out: This is a 10-minute short film that’s been nominated for a handful of awards. It’s the story of a new young couple and an MS diagnosis. I won’t tell you the end… you’ll need to watch. But I think a lot of us with MS have experienced what this young […]

get a grip


Just a few days ago (a supposed partial “day off” where I only had 2 hours of my online job, so I could catch up on cooking, cleaning house, and prepping fall quarter), I broke a dish. Luckily, it wasn’t a sentimental one. It was a useful one, so that was annoying. But I had […]

… to someone in a bad situation? “It’ll all work out fine.” Because, left to its own devices, a situation typically does not work out fine. You have to WORK at it. There is often a struggle. (And, in the end, the struggle is typically worth it… but leave it alone, and things don’t just […]

So, when I went on that month-long trip… (that blog is also woefully behind) I had plans to do some yoga in the room. Something to keep myself strong. But then, the incredible heat wave hit. Over 20 days of 90-105 degrees in Europe… and it’s humid there. Needless to say, there wasn’t a ton […]