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So, you may have heard people with chronic illness refer to the “spoon theory” when it comes to the amount of energy in any given day. (Everyone has “spoons” as their energy currency to spend in a day, but someone with MS, or a chronic illness, doesn’t have as many spoons, so has to decide […]

I am… maybe? Definitely! (Sorry, biology nerd.) So, I haven’t posted here in a few years. However, my disease has changed, in a big way. MS used to be just a label — something I’d occasionally think about, mostly when filling out paperwork when visiting a new doctor. At that time, I barely had any […]

If you have MS, or know anything about the nervous system, you may be familiar with myelin. Bottom line–myelin is the “insulation” on the nerves, as they send information from our brain and spinal cord out to our muscles. For those of us with MS, the myelin is partially degenerated, due to the immune system […]

Shortly after my diagnosis (defined by the only flare-up that I’m aware of), I started worrying about overall loss of strength. Of course–who wouldn’t? The first thing I thought, after the end of that flare-up, was–“good! No more current damage happening to my nervous system, I won’t have any more loss of strength than I […]

Clearly, we have a long way to go. A few days ago, I got a message from a friend who was in the ER, waiting for an MRI of her spine. She’d lost some function in one arm, and (given her public health background) all she could think of was MS. She’d already had a […]

Recently, I “came out” about my diagnosis to one of my social groups. I’d say about half of them already knew from one-on-one conversations over the past year, but as I’m planning a fundraiser involving this group (ooh, news! more later), I figured they all had to know. I’m close with several members of the […]