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reachin’ out


Yesterday was another big accomplishment for me as a nutrition instructor. You see, I’ve been teaching for quite some time, but I feel I want to extend my public health influence beyond the classroom. So when a National Science Foundation grant came about where science/math students could work with faculty mentors on a project to […]

forge your own


You know what they all say… right? We’re always told to not let anyone else make our decisions for us, we’re told to choose our own path… because in the end, we can only create our own happiness. And I sincerely believe that. I have my own edit to this, based on life experience. And […]

Spring quarter has ended at my college! WOOHOO! And I don’t teach there in the summer… that means I get a break from that job! I remember when I was in college, I thought that the teachers has the cushy, easy job. And some of them do, no doubt, if they teach the same way […]

Just a few days ago, I was giving one of my anatomy lectures about the brain. Now and then, I’ll be in the middle of lecture prep, and even when I’m in the middle of a topic I’ve read about a dozen times, a “new discovery” about myself hits me. And, recently, it did. You […]

About the other day… yesterday, in fact. I was at the gym, hefting around some heavy weights (chest-pressing with 35 lbs in each hand… not bad for an MS patient “pushing 41” in a few months) and had a brief chat with a guy, I’m guessing mid-50’s. He said something about the doctor wanting him […]

I’ve been teaching a LOT of physiology this quarter… a LOT. 🙂 And, I try to find interesting videos to send out to my students, so they get an additional approach. One of my favorite series of videos comes from Crash Course, hosted primarily by the very dynamic Hank Green. He also does general biology […]

Behind again… first week of classes (and teaching something new) along with husband’s birthday! Time moves so fast–I’m always thinking I have a few more posts saved for all of you, and then I check to see how far behind I am–ack! Once upon a time, when I was a New Teacher almost 15 years […]

Or that’s what I like to think. Y’know, when I was back in college (graduated 20 years ago), it was the rare case that we found cheaters when I was a TA. Mayyyybe we didn’t catch them, maybe they were smarter at cheating… But this quarter, among the 45 students left standing in my two […]

Slightly off-topic… but who cares. 🙂 This video was the clear favorite of my students this past quarter: Water Bear Don’t Care It’s a rap about an incredible tiny organism that can survive in extreme conditions, even outer space! Highly recommended. 🙂 And now that I’m officially done with the quarter (including giving four zeroes […]

As you know, I don’t always write about MS, here. I am a college educator (I still have trouble using the word “professor”, since that implies a one-way relationship, as I had with my faculty back in the early ’90’s) and improving the system for our students is a big priority for me. I work […]