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Hey y’all, check this out: This is a 10-minute short film that’s been nominated for a handful of awards. It’s the story of a new young couple and an MS diagnosis. I won’t tell you the end… you’ll need to watch. But I think a lot of us with MS have experienced what this young […]

Clearly, we have a long way to go. A few days ago, I got a message from a friend who was in the ER, waiting for an MRI of her spine. She’d lost some function in one arm, and (given her public health background) all she could think of was MS. She’d already had a […]

One of the things preventing me from being the MS advocate that I’d love to be is my work status. I am more or less contract with all of my jobs–each quarter, we’re offered a list of available classes, we pick our top 4-5, and administration does their best. They’re very gracious, but if they […]

Remember when I came back from the east coast trip at the beginning of summer, when I said I had a “challenging re-entry” to my normal routine? I was so worried that my body wasn’t handling travel well anymore, and travel is sacred to me, something I really enjoy. I figured that somehow, I’d learn […]

Out of curiosity, I’m often going around finding stories of how people found out they have MS. It usually starts with an oddball symptom (blurry vision in one eye, weakness on one side) coming out of nowhere. You think it’s a temporary nerve problem… and when your doctor tells you it’s MS, and that you […]

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As a physiology junkie, I frequently scour the blogosphere and the news for MS articles… some to learn new things, sometimes to debunk my friends’ and family’s myths. Here’s my opportunity to pass some of what I’ve found along to you. Top 10 Myths About MS If you’ve lived with MS for a while, this […]

An open letter to those with loved ones or acquaintances dealing with an MS diagnosis. Last Tuesday, after band rehearsal, I was chatting outside with a bandmate and let him in on my still-relatively-new diagnosis (6 months this Tuesday). He seemed stunned and told me he didn’t know what to say, was “thinking of something […]