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going back.


So… I’m in the process of restarting Rebif. Yeah, I though I’d sworn off injections, too. Gilenya was destroying my immune system… 6? or was it 7? upper respiratory infections this year, and my white cell count was consistently low. I finally said NO MORE earlier this summer… and decided to go drug-free during my […]

(Bring kale.) I am officially ditching Gilenya. (And changing to WHAT, you ask?? Argh.) So as you may remember, my white cell count has been all over the place — mostly dangerously low — from about the 6 month point of Gilenya on. (I’m almost at 15 months.) I hadn’t really gotten sick… then this […]

Just when I think I’m so in touch with my body… I had felt strong, with just the little bit of fatigue that I’d developed with MS (aside from the migraines and the nerve pain… but who knows the relation with that… I digress…) So when my most recent MRI showed new disease activity, I […]

obsessing much?


So, I’ve been prone to obsessing. It’s like… my own FOMO. If you’ve been through massive life-changing experiences, you might get this. But I’ve had this “I only have how many good summers left in my life?” playing through my head ALL the time. And I keep on doing the math on how many good […]

OK, I’ve had it with this crap. Last week, I had my second infection of the year, and we’re only 7 weeks in? I used to never get sick. This was the “very contagious” stomach virus that went around. I actually kept a change of clothes in the car, just in case. (Yes, I still […]

MS meds and their side effects. Ahem. I’m sorry, I meant to say, “disease modifying therapy”, as it’s not really changing my disease — just maybe changing the course. Changing the amount of damage my MS does to me. We think. So, MS being an autoimmune disease and everything, the meds do strange things to […]

It’s that time! There are a few in the blog world, namely Chris Guillebeau, who conduct an annual review at the end of the year — what went well, what did not. Rather than a personal lashing with a wet noodle, I like to use this as a reflection, a recollection of things that actually […]

Sorry for the lack of posts… I’ve had WordPress issues on both of the browsers I use (Firefox and Safari), and between both of my jobs, the new business, and taking care of my health, there’s little time to keep checking back to see what works when! Anyway. About a month ago, when I had […]

Hey… yes, I’m still here. My workload actually got lighter last week, which was my last teaching week of the quarter, but my brain was circling in a million different directions… burnout at work, etc. I’m still here–really, I am. 🙂 Recently, I had a 6-week follow-up after starting Gilenya, and all seems to be […]

For the first time in my life… I’m having issues with consistent high blood pressure. I’m usually just within normal range… normal is 120/80, and I’m typically just below, roundabouts 115/70 or so. Just fine–not too low. Then, I started taking this new (to me) MS drug, for which one of the side effects is […]