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(OK, I admit… I have another very deep post idea, and it’s taking me a while to put everything into words, so this “fluff post” is a good space filler for now! Enjoy!) Every now and then, I like to tell you about some of the internet resources I really enjoy… in the hopes that […]

If you have MS or another brain disorder, you probably know the drill with routine long MRIs (or, technically, a series of MRIs, between various parts of the nervous system and with/without contrast dye). Worse yet, when the cervical spine (neck) is being scanned, we’re told not to swallow, so that the image stays clear. […]

These days, I have so many rituals that I tend to, primarily for health maintenance, that it’s a wonder that I have any day left at the end of my day. Let’s see, here’s what I actually do accomplish… Daily exercise, natch. I’d been focusing more on strength training to counteract the effects of MS, […]

A few days ago, I had a one-month follow-up with my naturopathic team. They were very pleased with my decrease in symptoms, but I attributed that to my staying the course. They seemed amazed at my dedication to the exercise, my (meager) dietary changes, etc–but as I told them, if I find minor tweaks that […]

We all do it… I set a bunch of goals for myself several months back. I have to say, I’ve been doing pretty well with most of them, which is admirable considering I work every weekend and most nights. The one that I really let slip, however, about a month ago, is my daily meditation. […]

Huh. Now, this is interesting… but not entirely unexpected. Over the past 2-3 weeks, there have been multiple factors keeping me away from the usual hard workouts, and have been cutting down my workout hours: first, my knee and hip started hurting a lot, and I decided to lay off for a week or so […]

A few days ago, I visited a new headache specialist. I think I’ve mentioned previously that I struggle with migraines, as well as non-migraine headaches. Pain is so elusive, and there are so many variables contributing to pain, that I’ve gotten several opinions on my pain. In addition, those with MS tend to have increased […]

Last time, I talked about using meditation as part of my “fitness” routine. (Seriously… mental fitness, and reduction of stress levels seems to have a profound impact on physiology!) If you read my last post and were thinking, ??? I’d love to do something, don’t want to commit to a daily practice, but where do […]

Have I flipped my high-intensity-interval lid? Whoa. I decided on a new approach recently (and none too soon, as my body suddenly crashed from a buildup of too many HIIT workouts, I guess?). I’ve been going going going for months on high-intensity workouts–even my runs getting me up to 80% maximum heart rate, since my […]