lost in ritual ruts


These days, I have so many rituals that I tend to, primarily for health maintenance, that it’s a wonder that I have any day left at the end of my day. Let’s see, here’s what I actually do accomplish…

  • Daily exercise, natch. I’d been focusing more on strength training to counteract the effects of MS, but the naturopath suggested more cardio to increase my circulation. OK, more time devoted to exercise, so I can do both.
  • An apple cider vinegar shot in water every morning. (This one doesn’t take much time, at least, other than the amount of liquid I’m consuming and the number of bathroom trips!)
  • My four cups of detox tea each day, and brewing a new batch sometime during the day. I’ve noticed the benefits (decrease in headaches, decrease in repro system pain) so I’m keeping that one up.
  • Daily yoga, if even for 5 minutes.
  • Daily dose of cruciferous vegetables, to improve my hormone circulation.
  • Being in bed for at least 8 hours a night, if not being able to sleep… I’m pretty good about sleep most nights…

And then, there are the other rituals I should be adding, but in addition to working 60+ hours a week, they often fall off the plate…

  • Meditation. I’ve started back on twice a week again, since it did noticeably improve my focus.
  • Regular piano playing…….. I’m finding myself only “practicing” at weekly rehearsals.
  • Running more than once a week? How else am I going to get better… (But I’m a rain wimp. Not a very good Seattleite, eh?)
  • Dealing with my Sunday laziness who always wants to just work out at home and not go to the gym.

Amazing how I used to be so much more spontaneous… I actually really enjoy spontaneity… but these rituals keep me and my life intact. Maybe one of these days, I’ll become more stable…

6 Responses to “lost in ritual ruts”

  1. What are the benefits of a shot apple cider vinegar? Also what kind of detox tea are you drinking? I was thinking of doing a detox of some sort in March. 🙂

    • With regards to the ACV, I hear a variety of benefits depending on who you read. For our purposes, some people say that it “helps autoimmune disease” in general. It definitely promotes healthy digestion, but I’m not sure that the benefits would get all the way to the beneficial bacterial of the colon (they’re so far down in the GI tract–but who knows?). I’ve also heard that it helps keep you from picking up viral/bacterial infections–something I need, since I work with the public so much, and my students have constantly had really congested colds this quarter. (not me! But that could be a result of my good diet as well…) I’ve heard that it’s better to dilute it down with some water–straight up, constantly, can be acidic enough to harm your teeth.

      The detox tea is a blend my naturopath gave to me. (And this is something slightly worrisome to me… not knowing a substance that goes into my body? yikes!) I know that Yogi Tea makes a few detox blends, but I haven’t routinely tried them. I know that all of the health gurus talk about the body naturally detoxing itself so long as we eat cruciferous veg and drinking lemon water, but for those of us who take interferon-based meds (Rebif, Avonex, Copaxone, etc) that are more toxic to the liver, I know my liver enzymes have been high for a while, and it needs a little extra help doing its job. I’ve had *so* much less chronic pain.

      • Awesome information, thank you so much! I think I will give the shot a try (diluted) simply for the fighting off viral/bacterial infections there are some nasty ones going around!

        I will look for the Yogi Tea’s, I don’t take meds except for pain meds for migraines when they hit, but I think it will be good to detox, the other day I felt a little nauseous on my run and I swear it was attributed to how much stress I have been under as it felt like getting a massage and not drinking enough water afterwards. Thank you again! ❤

      • Sure! (This should go below… WP isn’t allowing a comment down there?) Also try to get 1+ serving cruciferous veg per day–don’t know if you’re doing that… (cauliflower, broc, kale, arugula, cabbage) That’ll also naturally help!

        The irony is that one of the meds causing my liver slowdown is a migraine preventive. The symptoms from my liver being sluggish… one was extra migraines!!! Ha! I’ve gotten that partially fixed and am less cranky. 🙂 (so my husband says)

  2. These rituals all look amazing and like great ways to help lessen the effects of MS. All are things I’ve wanted to do, but somehow allow the fatigue to get in the way. 😦 I am going to keep all of this in mind once I can get out of my personal rut.

    • Hi Deborah,
      I say… start with one at a time! That’s pretty much what I did. All at once is overwhelming, and it’s overwhelming to keep track of! Even having done most of them for a while (well… the vinegar is relatively new), I realized a few hours later that I forgot my morning vinegar shot. Oh well, get back on board today, which I did.
      And that’s another thing:if you forget one thing on one day, that doesn’t mean the world is ending. Pick back up, get back going again! 🙂 We can and will fight this!

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