how meditation helps with my mris


If you have MS or another brain disorder, you probably know the drill with routine long MRIs (or, technically, a series of MRIs, between various parts of the nervous system and with/without contrast dye). Worse yet, when the cervical spine (neck) is being scanned, we’re told not to swallow, so that the image stays clear. (Luckily, the technicians are good enough to let us know when we can or cannot move, and the longest period usually runs about 5 minutes.)

The first one of these I had done was torturous. So much trouble stressing out about not swallowing and staying still. (And believe me, with all of my past orthopedic issues, I’ve had plenty of MRIs, and have no MRI anxiety in general.) But the MRIs that I had a few days ago, I was quite calm. I appreciated the breaks for coughing and swallowing (it’s allergy season, after all) but could it be because of my newfound calmness from my meditation practice starting over the summer?

An added benefit from meditation that I never knew about! I think I’ll keep on going with it.


2 Responses to “how meditation helps with my mris”

  1. I tune the noise out and have been known to “fall asleep”. Meditation at it’s best!

    • Yeah–I almost fell asleep, myself! (In the middle of giving/grading finals, on overload!) But I’m always afraid that if I fall asleep during an MRI, that I’ll move around… so I stay conscious. But I do have them play music and focus on that! (I always ask for classic rock, music from my childhood. Not your typical meditation music, but I can hear it over the machine, and it makes me nostalgic and happy!)

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