workouts and my body’s response…


Huh. Now, this is interesting… but not entirely unexpected.

Over the past 2-3 weeks, there have been multiple factors keeping me away from the usual hard workouts, and have been cutting down my workout hours: first, my knee and hip started hurting a lot, and I decided to lay off for a week or so from anything higher-impact. Then, that led into the few days prior to the fundraiser, and I was out of time to do anything much more than 45-60 minutes a day (and wanted to do things that would rip my body to shreds). And, since then, I’ve needed more time to catch up work projects that went neglected over the past weeks, so I’ve been slowly ramping workout time back up.

Over the summer, I worked out a lot, and hard. Lots of high intensity intervals. Lots of weight training. Body always sore. Added in regular meditation (to hopefully reduce stress and therefore cortisol) to no avail… my body was stuck at a certain weight setpoint. And while it wasn’t really high, it was borderline overweight by BMI standards, so I could stand to lose 10-15 pounds.

But nothing made sense. I was working out hard, I was eating healthy foods 85% of the time. (Ya gotta live sometimes…) Thing is, I was always hungry from the hard workouts. And as I had to cut back (and my appetite scaled back, too), it dawned on me how much healthy food I’d been eating, and that perhaps I can’t handle that many calories. Maybe my basal metabolic rate isn’t quite so high as it used to be.

NB: I teach in health and nutrition classes that BMR/resting metabolic rate slows down a little every year after age 30. I’ve always been in denial about this, suggesting that proper strength training counters this slowdown. Unfortunately probably not the case for someone with MS… I gotta keep on lifting heavy.

Anyway, to finish my story, over the past few weeks of lighter workouts, my weight “set point” has dropped by 3-5 pounds. Working out less. (Lots more yoga, which feels great to my tight muscles.) Probably eating less, though I haven’t precisely measured.

Lesson learned, ya think? Maybe I don’t need to tear up my body so much.

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