so, how should i meditate?


Last time, I talked about using meditation as part of my “fitness” routine. (Seriously… mental fitness, and reduction of stress levels seems to have a profound impact on physiology!)

If you read my last post and were thinking, ??? I’d love to do something, don’t want to commit to a daily practice, but where do I start–I’ll tell you how I got started.

(I suddenly feel like an infomercial! But wait… it’s free, fast, and 100% guaranteed to improve your health!)

If you’ve never tried meditation before, I recommend you start with a breathing meditation. The basic concept involves just counting your breath–if you are focused on your breath, ideally, you can’t focus on other things (the outside world, other aspects of life that you might stress about).

To prepare for breathing meditation:

  • Find somewhere to comfortably sit, somewhere that you can have good posture (essential for good breathing). This can be in a chair with a back, or cross-legged on the floor.
  • Try to find a quiet area free of distractions.

When you’ve found this spot and are ready, gently close your eyes, relax your shoulders, sit with good posture, and slow down your breath. Then, start counting your breath. (I find that I count from 1 to 10, then start over again at 1…)

Keep going for 5-10 minutes. Now, if you’re like me when you started this practice, you’re thinking, “ack! Stray thoughts are crossing my mind! Begone! I am imperfect! I am doing this WRONG!” The first thing to realize is that this happens to everyone. Simply acknowledge that the thought is there, and let it go–return to counting your breath, and quiet your mind again. The second thing to realize is that this practice is not about perfection; we’re constantly improving and constantly seeking perfection through our meditation practice. (After all, trying to be perfect will generate more stress, and that’s not the point… right?)

So, hopefully, I’ve given you some ideas to get you started! Just 5 minutes a day (or, multiple times a day… just don’t get carried away) to improve your mental and physical health…


6 Responses to “so, how should i meditate?”

  1. One more thing. I want to share this. I find that it REALLY helps beginners.

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