perhaps i need to lighten up?


MS has made me… boring. (I’ll just be blunt with myself.) Part of it can’t much be helped, because I’m so much more tired than I used to be. I can’t really go out at night, I take a pass on so many events where I’ll be out after 10pm, because I know I’ll want to collapse and won’t get much out of it.

But there’s another side of me that has become so concerned about what I eat, what I drink. Turning down homemade cookies because I fear the excess sugar (this really hit home after I did this at the gym yesterday; I hope the original baker didn’t take it as an insult!). Insisting on not drinking alcohol because it’ll destroy my nervous system. (OK. I still think that’s true, but maybe I could be a little gentler with my words when I tell people that I’m a boring teetotaler…)

I’ve become so focused on my health and my disease — which is justifiable — that maybe I’m losing sight of the big picture of life. I am not my disease, and I need to remember that.

2 Responses to “perhaps i need to lighten up?”

  1. 1 Steve Yool

    It seems (to me) that you’re quite fearless; that you lead a richer life (through travel) than many of us. And Bruce is so supportive. Kudos! That said, I agree with you: you are not your disease. ❤

    • This is true that I attempt to take risks… but by avoiding the smaller daily things, I literally become a misfit, and have fewer people to do things with…

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