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I write, so of course, I read… when I can. I get all of this feed delivered to my inbox, and… let’s get real: there are so many days that I have to push it aside and work on course content instead, or grade papers, or… something that needs to be done. (See? This is […]

Taking a moment to update everyone on my life… Last spring and summer (and part of the fall), I worked for an online school as well as the “brick and mortar” school where I’ve worked for three years. (I’m also potentially up for a small promotion there! Meeting to be held in a few weeks, […]

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(OK, I admit… I have another very deep post idea, and it’s taking me a while to put everything into words, so this “fluff post” is a good space filler for now! Enjoy!) Every now and then, I like to tell you about some of the internet resources I really enjoy… in the hopes that […]

Last year, at a Christmas party, I won this large silicone ice cube tray in a gift swap: True, it was a gift, but it sat around for a while, unused. Until just over a month ago, when I started making coconut oil chocolates! Now, depending on who you ask, coconut oil may have many […]

Happy Labor Day! Summer isn’t over yet, and there’s always a plethora of yummy produce around a lot of the year, at least here in Seattle! I like eating avocado (though my poor husband is allergic)–not only is it tasty, but it’s full of nutrients as well as healthy fats! These good fats are great […]

I made this for brunch last weekend and shared with my husband–my best friend. ❤ Based on ingredients in a sandwich I had in Paris. I thought it would be a great way to get more veggies in us! (And I took a pic, but once you read the ingredients, you'll see that it just […]

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Happy Fourth to all Americans! As we watch Egypt struggle to find democracy, let’s celebrate what we’re enjoyed for our entire lifetimes here at home. Today, I woke up early back on the west coast, since we’ve had warmer temps, to get in a run. (Ends up it’s overcast, giving me plenty of time to […]

With the link between autoimmune disease and gluten, I’ve been living an almost entirely gluten-free existence since my diagnosis. (Which I thought was going to be impossible. Not that it’s easy, but when you eat a mostly whole foods diet, it’s not so bad.) One of the issues being grain intake. The rotation of brown […]

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Two posts in a day? Whoa. Had to share this recipe. It’s taking a lot of time/effort/thought to convert my life–which was already pretty healthy–over to a more anti-inflammatory diet, eating much less gluten, dairy, and sugar. But I’m going to start posting recipes I like up here, to share with the rest of the […]