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This is the first of my (many) upcoming posts to educate people about what MS is, and what it means to have MS. I’ve seen many other blogger’s posts about “this is what it feels like to have MS” and, honestly, many of them are very negative. I’m lucky in that I have a lot […]

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to my fellow Americans! I have only had one significant relapse as an MS patient–the one in 2012 that diagnosed me (though I believe a series of events in 2008 may have been a flare-up as well, in addition to some minor events over the years). My MRIs have remained stable, since. […]

(happy June!) Recently I was talking with someone close to me about a project idea for the summer (less teaching for me = more time), another one of these projects that I hope would contribute a lot to the MS community. I haven’t fleshed out a lot of the details, which is why I’ve been […]

the fire


I was listening to a business podcast earlier today, in which an entrepreneur was interviewed. One of the recurring themes was that getting her business off the ground wasn’t easy; whenever she encountered a roadblock, she creatively came up with a work-around, even if it took extra effort for the outcome. The host reminded the […]

Now that I’ve worked with hypermobile bodies (my own!) for a bit, I’m realizing a possible connection to MS. One of the unfortunate consequences of MS is that we tend to lose muscle mass. If any of us have any predisposition toward joint hypermobility, losing more muscle mass will just make things worse: I’m not […]

Sounds like a cheesy self-help ad. But… hear me out on this one. Have you ever set some sort of goal for yourself, then been too afraid/fearful/tired to take the steps to actually get there? This is part of what MS has been doing to me. I used to teach bootcamp classes. I used to […]

A fitness colleague with MS pointed me at this article not too long ago: Aerobic Exercise May Maintain Memory Skills In MS Let’s face it, many of us face memory issues. (Though, so many days, I wonder if it’s true memory problems as a result of my disease, or just having too many things on […]

why i do this.


People have all sorts of reasons for blogging… (fame and fortune? You’d be surprised how many articles there are out there telling you how to make millions off of your blog…) My motivation for this blog has certainly changed over time. But I keep going. Initially, it was a collection of anecdotes regarding how I […]

We all have opinions on something, right? Opinions are like… OK, not gonna say it. But we all have ’em. I happen to have a lot regarding exercise and nutrition, and some of them go against common wisdom. However, I think many rehab folks would agree with my thoughts on strength training for MS patients: […]

Out of curiosity, I’m often going around finding stories of how people found out they have MS. It usually starts with an oddball symptom (blurry vision in one eye, weakness on one side) coming out of nowhere. You think it’s a temporary nerve problem… and when your doctor tells you it’s MS, and that you […]