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Yes… it’s been nearly a month since I posted. Between fundraiser (successful! more later), quarter starting (too much in addition to my other job), and dealing with medical things (also more later), I am in above my ears. Oh, and there’s a new business, too? There’s another future post. All of this activity, and to […]

Happy birthday… to ME! It’s a big one, too, as I start my 5th (!!) decade of life. While many people run the other direction from 40, I see it as an opportunity to start bigger and better projects than ever before! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been contemplating the things I’ve learned in […]

(happy June!) Recently I was talking with someone close to me about a project idea for the summer (less teaching for me = more time), another one of these projects that I hope would contribute a lot to the MS community. I haven’t fleshed out a lot of the details, which is why I’ve been […]

i did it


I skipped a day of blogging… but that’s not the “it” I’m talking about. I held off a day so that I could tell you guys about this morning’s victory (or, hopeful). Which worked out! You may recall that I still keep my hand in teaching group fitness classes when I can. Today was a […]

The more I go through life making change, the more I realize the influence of a simple positive attitude. One of my high school friends–who will remain unnamed–talks about big changes he wants to make, all sorts of big talk, on Facebook. He hasn’t directly mentioned the charities he’d like to support, but based on […]

Attitude is everything. At my MS fundraiser, during one of our brief band breaks, I was approached by two women who told me they’d been diagnosed with MS over a decade ago. Their attitudes were poles apart. They both appeared to be middle-aged, 50-something. One of them, you’d never know she had a chronic disease. […]

This title is something that I came up with in the wee hours of the morning, before heading out to catch my bus to work a few days ago–I posted it on my Facebook feed. It’s how I live my life, as someone with MS. It’s how I try to push myself every day, physically […]

After all, you only have one life to be authentically YOU. Whatcha waiting for? I was thinking about this recently while playing a show with my band. In the days prior, I’d been making decisions to step out and be myself a little more frequently (within reason…). Now and then, as the piano player in […]

I’ve learned many life lessons in the 9 months since my diagnosis… I’ve slowly been sharing them with you here, but Benny the Irish Polyglot (one of my favorite bloggers!) summarizes many of the same lessons in a 10-minute video. He doesn’t have a chronic disease, far as I know, but he’s spent the last […]

Just the other day, a few of my nutrition students and I had a great discussion in class about increasing longevity, and is it really worth it. I’d mentioned a controversial–and not fully proven–research study that showed that restricting calories (by how much, who knows) in humans, similar to an animal study, increases lifespan. My […]