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Happy birthday… to ME! It’s a big one, too, as I start my 5th (!!) decade of life. While many people run the other direction from 40, I see it as an opportunity to start bigger and better projects than ever before! Over the past few weeks, I’ve been contemplating the things I’ve learned in […]

until my milestone 40th birthday! (Well… minus two days. August 5th is my big day!) (btw, thanks for all of the recent comments, y’all, and thanks to all of the new followers! Good to see you guys and talk with you guys!) Six months back, I said I wanted to make a difference this year. […]

It’s September 1st! New month, almost heading into a new school year for me… (we lucky college folk on the quarter system still have a few weeks. Good thing, since I’m still writing course material… what else do you think we do over summer break, eh?) Who here is familiar with Chris Guillebeau? He traveled […]

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As a physiology junkie, I frequently scour the blogosphere and the news for MS articles… some to learn new things, sometimes to debunk my friends’ and family’s myths. Here’s my opportunity to pass some of what I’ve found along to you. Top 10 Myths About MS If you’ve lived with MS for a while, this […]

Why a list of 39, you ask? Why… because today is my 39th birthday! 🙂 I figure I’ve been keeping this blog going long enough, and I have a small group of loyal followers (thanks, guys!), so it’s about time to let you in on a few of my inner workings. I am a native […]