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I was talking with a gym friend a few days ago about how I feel that I can’t take off too much time from the gym when I’m sick or injured, because of my MS. He looked at me funny, and I needed to explain… which makes me realize more of the lack of public […]

I’m back teaching nutrition again this quarter (as if you couldn’t tell… from all of my nutrition-related ramblings) and, once again, I told my new group about why it truly is important at the molecular level to consume our nutrients. Well, as a child growing, we know it’s important, because you’re building structures of your […]

Now that we’re all done with taxes (we are…. aren’t we?) hopefully we all can afford to take a load off. (Or… catch up on what we left behind?) Anyway, perhaps you’ve heard, by now, the link between stress and health. Hopefully you know about this! More stress = worse health, in general. When our […]

I write this post from the hospital, recovering from an emergency surgery to deal with complications from this. While I understand that many of their patients don’t come in with my background (teaching physiology and general interest in holistic health), I feel like many of my concerns have not been addressed. Which makes me worry, […]

Now that I’ve worked with hypermobile bodies (my own!) for a bit, I’m realizing a possible connection to MS. One of the unfortunate consequences of MS is that we tend to lose muscle mass. If any of us have any predisposition toward joint hypermobility, losing more muscle mass will just make things worse: I’m not […]



Ah, another (kind of) science geek moment…….. Most of the patients I work with (I also teach Pilates/functional exercise at an occupational therapy clinic) have a lot of tightness, mostly from poor ergonomics, poor posture, poor everyday movements. (Like so many of us…) But they have a handful of patients who, for a variety of […]

So, I’ve mentioned before that I don’t talk about my MS at work. But I teach health, nutrition, and anatomy/physiology at a college. This quarter, I’ve been teaching a lot about the nervous system, and I have an inquisitive group. How much I’ve wanted to “come out” and be more forthright with my examples, and […]