how ms makes me an introvert.


Spoiler: I am not an introvert. Nor am I an extrovert. I am somewhere in between. Over the past few decades, I’ve typically found myself leaning more toward the extrovert side.

But lately, I feel like I’ve swung the other direction…

These days, my brain is tired a lot. I thought it was “end of spring quarter” tired in June, from teaching so many back-to-back classes; but I’m still not sleeping well (MS? Perimenopause? Don’t exactly know…) and my executive functioning is definitely diminished.

It used to be that my “bad” brain days were rare, and the majority of my days were good. Now, it’s reversed. I feel like I’m in a heavy brain fog during most of my days… which makes me feel like I’m a terrible conversationalist, and I let my husband take the lead in conversations. (Sometimes, not on purpose; sometimes, it just naturally happens, because I can’t quite keep up anymore.)

And when he’s not around, I often feel like I don’t want to try being social, because I’m not the me that I once was. I can’t keep up. I’m mentally slower.

So, I end up keeping to myself a lot more than I’d like to. I keep trying to challenge my mental agility, but it’s definitely sliding.

One Response to “how ms makes me an introvert.”

  1. 1 Steve Yool

    Please keep challenging that planet-sized brain! ❤

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