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We all do it… I set a bunch of goals for myself several months back. I have to say, I’ve been doing pretty well with most of them, which is admirable considering I work every weekend and most nights. The one that I really let slip, however, about a month ago, is my daily meditation. […]

Huh. Now, this is interesting… but not entirely unexpected. Over the past 2-3 weeks, there have been multiple factors keeping me away from the usual hard workouts, and have been cutting down my workout hours: first, my knee and hip started hurting a lot, and I decided to lay off for a week or so […]

Over the years, as a yoga practitioner and a Pilates instructor, I’ve noticed changes in my balance. Of course, I now link a worsening balance with my body’s progression into MS, but now that I know what’s going on, I can address my specific issues. Aside from your basic “stand on one foot” balancing exercise–which […]

We’ve all fantasized about our ideal place to live at some point, right? Maybe not, for someone with MS: many of us risk flare-ups with heat, or at least worsening of symptoms. (I’ll admit that I didn’t really notice this until our recent east coast trip, where the heat index was pretty extreme. And even […]

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Finally back here–I spend a crazy amount of time trying to stay ahead of work, so that I can spare a few moments as I need them (like earlier today) when my body just crashes (yeah, Body, I’m talkin’ about in the shower today when I felt like I could no longer stand up from […]