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I wrote about this before, how having chronic illness makes me want to do things NOW and not postpone anything in life… I had yet another realization just a few days ago: as I’m surrounded by people (anyone, really) transitioning to bigger and better jobs, and I work for a university that helps non-traditional students […]

If you’re a rock fan, and you’re not hiding under a rock, you’ve certainly heard this story by now: Dave Grohl Plays 4th of July Show With Broken Leg From Throne Granted, I’m a fan of the band, but this… this embodies the spirit of can-do, wouldn’t you say? If you don’t know about Dave, […]

For the past few years, we’ve been growing weary of Seattle. Maybe we just haven’t fallen in with the right crowd, and/or maybe by being in our 40’s, our peers are more focused on family and career than we are. We’ve had a rough time finding a long-term social crowd: understandably people come and go […]



A book really resonated with me recently: Dying to be Me, in which Anita Moorjani speaks of her near-death experience, having slipped into a coma when cancer treatment failed her. Dying to be Me She speaks of her renewed spirit after her NDE, and what I refer to as living with urgency, since life is […]

I recently had the opportunity to preview Chris Guillebeau’s new book, which came out a few days ago. It’s called The Happiness of Pursuit, and discusses the importance of seeking out quests in life. He also gives many examples of diverse quests people have taken–from the extreme, of a family of four bicycling and tent […]



Some days, it feels like I’m always waiting… Waiting for the migraine drug to work. Waiting for the anti-nausea drug to chase the migraine to work. Waiting…. to live. Can you relate? Do you know what it’s like? Some times, you wait… and nothing comes of your waiting. Aside from disappointment. Disappointment in yourself, that […]

“If I had months off, I’d sit around and write a book.” How many of us have said this? I’m sure at least half of us. And yet how many of us write in our spare time? (Yeah, there are a handful of us bloggers. And a bunch of us post pithy Facebook statuses.) Most […]