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(Bring kale.) I am officially ditching Gilenya. (And changing to WHAT, you ask?? Argh.) So as you may remember, my white cell count has been all over the place — mostly dangerously low — from about the 6 month point of Gilenya on. (I’m almost at 15 months.) I hadn’t really gotten sick… then this […]

Just when I think I’m so in touch with my body… I had felt strong, with just the little bit of fatigue that I’d developed with MS (aside from the migraines and the nerve pain… but who knows the relation with that… I digress…) So when my most recent MRI showed new disease activity, I […]

Today’s the day! After an aborted try with Tecfidera (due to awful upper GI side effects) last October, and previously giving up on injection site reactions, I’m finally restarting an MS drug. I’ve been off since then, and no new disease activity… how’s that for good clean livin’? I’ve had to wait until today because […]

As my body recovers from my recent Tecfidera debacle, and I’m able to eat more complex foods, I’m trying to really focus on a whole foods diet. See, most of the time–about 75% of the time–I’m good. But the rest of the time, I’ll come home from work or the gym and think, “I want […]

Ugh. Unfortunately, I’m having to ditch Tecfidera as an option. I was on-again, off-again with side effects. Because of my multiple abdominal surgeries earlier this year, my doctor said that Tecfidera might not be the best drug for me, but it was the lesser of evils. The main listed side effects are flushing (of the […]

I’ve been taking Tecfidera for a little more than a week, at a low dose (not the therapeutic dose yet). I switched from Rebif, since I couldn’t tolerate injections any longer. I knew the most common side effects were diarrhea and nausea. While I haven’t really experienced either of those, I’ve been having a lot […]

that was quick.


A few days ago, I was trying to decide between new MS drugs (or, disease-modifying therapies, as we call them, since they only slow progression…) And I did 15 minutes of research to figure it out–or at least to figure out one to try. I think I’ll try Tecfidera (the newest one) first. It’s a […]

I think I’m about done with injections… unfortunately. Rebif has been working out for me. It has kept me relapse-free. My symptoms have been minimal. So why change? I feel like such a wimp when I say this, but… too many injection site reactions. A few days before leaving on our trip (end of July) […]



Some of the recent buzz in the MS disease-modifying therapy community (fancy term for “drug”) is the release of Tecfidera, the trade name for BG-12, a few months ago. This is one of the few oral DMTs available–almost all of the drugs we use for our MS are injections. (I could geek out about why […]