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Not long ago (a little over a week ago, heading into the final days of fundraiser prep plus dealing with a problem student) I was noticing more of my usual MS tremor. I don’t get it very often, but it was pronounced enough that I hid behind the lectern while teaching that day. I only […]

The following article came through my feed today: Eight Reasons Why Pilates Is Great Exercise For Someone With MS Now… I could be snarky and say that Pilates can help you learn how to count (the list skips 3, so it actually only contains 7 reasons) but, as someone who is a Pilates instructor in […]

Got tinnitus? Or even know anything about it? I definitely have a bit of it. It’s a nagging ear-ringing (high-pitched) sound. It’s most commonly associated with too much exposure to loud noise (and, since I play in a band, sometimes I end up sitting too close to the drums). But I was just wondering: could […]

My 40th birthday is now less than 4 months away. I set the intention, at my last birthday, to make some big changes. Many of them have come about without my having preplanned them much–for instance, the inspirational speech I gave at the end of last quarter regarding my health scare, how we should all […]

Now that I’ve worked with hypermobile bodies (my own!) for a bit, I’m realizing a possible connection to MS. One of the unfortunate consequences of MS is that we tend to lose muscle mass. If any of us have any predisposition toward joint hypermobility, losing more muscle mass will just make things worse: I’m not […]

Sounds like a cheesy self-help ad. But… hear me out on this one. Have you ever set some sort of goal for yourself, then been too afraid/fearful/tired to take the steps to actually get there? This is part of what MS has been doing to me. I used to teach bootcamp classes. I used to […]

i did it


I skipped a day of blogging… but that’s not the “it” I’m talking about. I held off a day so that I could tell you guys about this morning’s victory (or, hopeful). Which worked out! You may recall that I still keep my hand in teaching group fitness classes when I can. Today was a […]