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While as this point, there is still no cure for MS, there are several disease-modifying drugs (DMDs) available. Most of them slow down the rate at which our immune system destroys our myelin (the protective layer around our nerves), as well as delay the onset of another exacerbation/flare-up. (Hence, most DMDs are targeted at the […]

Since October, I’ve been using an autoinjection system to dose my Rebif three times a week. It looks like this, and I open it up to place the syringes in before each injection: This is my first injectable drug, but it hasn’t been too tough giving myself shots. The autoinjector helps, since it’s spring-loaded to […]



It’s been an exciting past few years in the drug development pipeline for MS (among other diseases). As someone who studied pharmaceutical science in graduate school nearly 20 years ago, as I vaguely follow industry news, I (and others) had thought that new pathways of drug discovery had dried up. Or so the media was […]

I am one of the many relapsing-remitting MS patients who injects beta-interferon 3x/week (trade name Rebif). It might sound terrible, but it’s really a fine-gauge needle that I barely feel. The first injection was the worst, not knowing what to expect. Now, it’s routine. Because of the side effects that differ for everyone in severity, […]

There are as many theories about how one can potentially improve their MS symptoms, or even reduce numbers of lesions, as there are residents of Manhattan… that said, MS is a very individualized disease. Even within the category of “relapsing-remitting”, some of us have frequent relapses, while others go years. Some have constant background symptoms, […]